External Evaluation

Caring School Award Scheme

In 2019, we participated in the “Caring School Award Scheme” co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Christian Service and the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, co-organized by the Education Bureau, and won the “Caring Home-School Cooperation” Merit Award of the Excellent Caring Kindergarten. The organizer appreciated that the school and parents had worked side by side for many years, cooperated actively with school to promote diversified teaching activities.

3Es Project

From 2017 to 2019, the school participated the “3Es Project” of the Education University of Hong Kong to provide a series of high-quality social emotional courses for children. During the implementation period, we were recognized and appreciated by the Education University of Hong Kong that our school could integrate the plan into the curriculum and achieve satisfactory results. In the second year, Dr. Ian Lam Chun-bun from the Education University of Hong Kong led his team, together with Mrs. Wong Yau Wai Ching, Michelle, Deputy Secretary for Education Professional Development & Special Education Branch, Dr. Lau Wing Yin, Verena, Principal Education Officer, Ms. Meau, Wah Man Mary, Senior Specialist, and Mrs. Mabel Lee from Simon K.Y. Lee Children’s Fund. A team of 15 people came to the school to observe lessons, communicate and share the implementation results, and hope to recommend it to the industry as a kindergarten emotional curriculum. In 2021, the plan was successfully handed over to the Education Bureau for continuous development in the early childhood education sector.

The Hong Kong Healthy Kindergartens Award Scheme

Our school was awarded the Gold Award from “The Hong Kong Healthy Kindergartens Award Scheme” organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006-2007 and was jointly presented by the Education Bureau, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Our school was commended for our excellence in various areas of promoting children’s health. The award was also recognized by the World Health Organization.

Newspaper Interview